Brendan McKay

Player Summary:

Delivery: Simple, slow developing, methodical delivery with sudden quick arm as he delivers, giving him some deception. Slots drops down at times, might be on purpose. Short stride, stays closed well and linear to plate with efficient transfer of energy. Pitches from 3B side of the rubber.

FB – mostly lateral movement, if it moves. A lot are straight. Sitting 93-94 in 1st inning of work, sitting 92 in 2nd inning and 91 in 3rd inning of work and onward.

Cutter – can be flat at times, some look more like a SL, and have a bit more depth. Better to LHH. Mostly played fringy but it’s projectable. At lower velo it has 2-plane movement and will be plus.

CB – tight 3/4 break, some a bit more downward action than across. Good velo but not enough separation with cutter. Inconsistent shape.

CH – didn’t throw many, not enough to grade out. 84-86, too close to FB at times.

How he pitches: Tough angle vs. LHH, even though he’s on 3B side of the rubber. Not maintaining velo well. Uses either CB or Cutter when ahead to RHH and LHH. Projectable command and pitchability. Pitched in long relief for first outing at this level but normally a starter.

Profile: Doesn’t have anything slower to change batters timing much. Didn’t see enough CH to project either. Upside as Abv avg ML starter and floor as Middle-Reliever. He will pitch in big leagues realistically as a solid-avg ML starter, Role 4 for most of his career as long as he stays healthy. Stuff might even work better for bullpen where FB would really play up.

One Line Summary: High Floor w/ makings of abv avg ML LHS

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