Sixto Sanchez

Athletic, balanced, fluid and compact delivery that’s mostly repeatable. Stays on top well but have very little natural plane. Sometimes he changes slot between his FB and off-speed accounting for some lack of deception.

FB – Sitting 99 from windup in first inning of start, 97-98 from stretch and then sat 96 in innings 2-4. Hit 100 a few times. Late run, good life but throwing too many down the middle. Tends to be up and straight in the zone at times.

SL – true, sharp, late break. Sometimes he telegraphs and gets on the side of.

CH – cuts across it at times but has solid sink when he stays on top and it’s deceptive. Throws to RHH effectively. Got better throughout his outing the more he threw it but not getting LHH to swing and miss/chase consistently – he does get weak grounders from them though. Inconsistent movement but it’s avg now with good sepration with FB when he throws it right.

How he pitches:
Relies on velo and movement, lacks deception and plane. More of a strike throwing guy than command guy right now, but delivery and youth project for better command.

This guy has the stuff right now to compete in the big leagues but he’s only 19 and he would benefit from moving up to 2A first and refining his command and off-speed. At peak he’s a top of the rotation starter and only things keeping him from Role 8 is the command doesn’t projet to be elite and lack of plane (when he leaves the FB up). Mature frame – so not going to project for more velo. He’s got a similar profile to Pedro Martinez, a bit thicker now than Pedro was at this age and also from a higher slot with less deception but it’s still reminiscent of him. Future All-Star starter.

One-Line Summary:
Fut.All-Star: Electric arm, athletic deliv, elite stuff

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